Product Code

With Connection Leads
With Insulation Cap
  - S01
  - SK1
  - S02
  - S05
  - S09
  Without Insulation Cap
  - C01
  - CK1
  - C02
  - C05
  - C09
With Definded Current Sensitivity
With Insulation Cap
  - SM3
  Without Insulation Cap
  - CM3
With PTC-Non-Automatic Reset and Connection Leads
With Insulation Cap
  - SP1
  Without Insulation Cap
  - CP2
With PTC-Non-Automatic Reset and Defined Current Sensitivity
With Insulation Cap
  - SW1
  Without Insulation Cap
  - CW2



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- Small Dimensions (8.6-11mm & height 3-7mm)
- High Mechanical Stress Resistance
- High Vibration Proof
- Excellent Long Term Stability

as worldwide market leader in quality and innovation :
- The most sophisticated production equipment
- for small as well as for large quantities
- enables us to deliver on time

- Easch Thermilk product will be tested 70 times from production start until shipment. The fully automized quality control with self-constructed machinery guarantees optimum quality.


- More than 40 years of experience in our own special tooling department contributes to secure the most complex production steps and to manufacture with most efficiency.


Other products : Series M-Temperature Limiting Switches/PTC - Thermistors and
Trip Relays/PTC-Heating Ceramics/PTC-Resistors/PTC-Sensors/ZnO-Varistors;
Specific product information is available upon request.