- Outstanding Strength
- Good Durability and Dimensional Stability
- Low Water Absorption and Gas Permeability
- High Resistance to Temperature and Chemicals
- Excellent Electrical Insulation
- Shrinkage Stability
- UL Approved
- ISO Quality Certificate
- Coil Wrap & Layer Insulation for transformers
- Phase & Slot Insulation for Motors and Hermetic Units
- Laminates for Printed Circuit Board Membrane


UL FILE NO: E74359(S)
Insulating Polyester Film
- SR51
  - SR53
  - SR55
Membrance Switch Polyester Film
- SH71S/SH82
  - SG00
  - SG82
  - SR61
Flyback Transformer Polyester Film
- SG00
  - SG69
  - SH71S
  - SR60
  - SR61

SKC has been manufacturing high quality polyester film at its Suwon, Korea plant since 1976 when it successfully developed its own polyester film technology. SKC sells this film under the "Skyrol" tradename.

Over time SKC has diversified the "Skyrol" product line to meet the needs of many customers in a wide range of industries and for varied applications. Today, SKC is one of the few film manufacturers that produces a full range of thick, thin and ultra thin polyester films and supplies them worldwide.

SKC is continually updating its "World Class Manufacturing" capabilities by investing in new equipment and technlolgy. It also maintains a large R&D organization in Suwon devoted to developing new high-performance films for improved customer performance. As a result of this commitment, SKC now has achieved excellence in all areas related to polyester film and delivers optimum value to its customers.

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