Manufacturers of electronic components need a dependable source for Litz wire of the highest quality.

NEEWC pioneered and continues to be a leader in the manufacturing of high quality Litz wire for worldwide application.

Rely on us for the manufacturing experience and production capability for all your specialty Litz wire requirements.

Included among the typical conductor base materials and extruded insulations we can offer are:

Conductor materials: Bare copper magnet wire is the standard material used by NEEWC to produce its Litz wire products. Copper with various plating, OFHC bare copper, and high-strength copper alloys, are all available on a special order basis.



   Extruded Insulations: FEP Nylon Silicone Rubber

                                      PFA Polyester

                                      PVC Polyethylene

                                      ETFE Polypropylene

                                      TPE Polyurethane

Development Assistance: NEEWC welcomes all opportunities to assist in the design, development, testing and manufacture of specialty wire products. If your requirements include materials that are not listed above, please contact us to review your specific needs.
Product Information: For more information on our range of specialty manufacturing products and capabilities, please consult our other product sheets.


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